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Work Order App: Mobile Work Order Maintenance App

Download our Work Order mobile app, available on iPhone and Android

Users can report work orders and work requests in real-time as they happen in the field directly from the work order app

Take photos, report what happened, where, exact location, category, escalation, notification options, who is affected and job notes plus options to add in custom fields too.

Tenant / Staff member who reports maintenance work requests

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Automatically assign work orders to contractors based on job category
Once a work order has been logged, automatically assign work orders to preferred and approved contractors based on the work order job category. Cleaning jobs can be automatically assigned to a preferred contractor or repair jobs to an approved maintenance contractor based on your approved and preferred contractors list.

History of jobs
View all maintenance work requests logged, view status updates on work requests, write updates, manage preventative maintenance, manage critical reminders, asset registry, add attachments and customise forms.

Integration options
Integration with other systems so that work orders logged from the app can be streamed in real-time to other systems.

You can have in place a simple version of the above system or the most advanced and custom tailored version unique to your needs.

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Work Request System for all types of work requests

  • Car Parking Template
  • Fire Services
  • Cleaning
  • Lighting Request
  • Lost/Missing Property
  • Pests Removal/ Control
  • Plumbing Request
  • Security Requests
  • Signage Form
  • Installations Template


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